Clean Energy

Providing Clean Energy

The facility has a 30 year electricity purchase agreement with BC Hydro to provide clean energy. In addition to offsetting the use of fossil fuels the facility is designed to consume approximately 200,000 dry tonnes of biomass fuel, predominantly sawmill residues, with state of the art emissions control. The annual power generation is enough to power more than 30,000 homes across the province including in Merritt and communities in the surrounding region.

Local Jobs

Providing Local Jobs

The MGE facility employs over 100 direct and indirect local jobs and is reliant upon the supply of goods and services from local businesses. In addition to providing a source of clean energy, it is also helping the city and province achieve provincial climate change objectives.

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Did you know?

The MGE facility has been designated an essential service by the B.C. government pursuant to the list of essential services in BC during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Future Plans.

The permanent closure of sawmills over the past year has resulted in critical fuel shortages at the MGE facility. As a result, since November of 2019, the MGE facility has had to reduce its electric generating capacity. Remaining fuel supplies come at significantly higher cost due to the cost of transportation from greater distances and the overall reduction in sawmill residues regionally.

— What

MGE is seeking approval from the Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy to use clean construction and demolition wood waste as an alternative fuel supply to power its clean energy facility. Construction and demolition wood waste has been used successfully as an alternative fuel source by other BC forest products companies and cement companies including those operating in densely populated areas.

— Why

Ministry approval to burn construction and demolition wood waste at the MGE facility will allow for the continued operation of the energy facility, protect over 100 direct and indirect local jobs and secure the supply of goods and services from local businesses. It will also divert wood wastes from local landfills for beneficial reuse which supports the provincial government’s promotion of a circular economy.

Public Consultation

MGE conducted a 30-day public consultation which began on June 26 and ended July 26 in support of the permit changes and to engage with local residents and other stakeholders. We provided access to information to inform stakeholders of the need for the change of feedstock and of our ongoing commitment to protect the environment. Public input is very important to this process as we know that people will have questions and want to know the environment, the enjoyment of their property and local businesses will be protected. The full content of all responses will become a part of the public record.

To access the description of the required amendment to the MGE air permit, please see the Environmental Protection Notice and the Air Quality Technical Summary Report.

Do you have questions?

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